Free Trains!?

I bet you have NEVER heard of this, ever!
July 3, 2016, written by Michiko

Hey its Michiko!

That’s right! You can ride some trains for free in Japan!

Is it illegal? Maybe!

How does it work?

Basically, in very very rural areas where there are few staff and infrequent trains, the station’s staff will leave at some time in the evening but the station and trains will still be operational.

What that means is after they leave, you can walk through the gate and just get on the train, take it to the next station, and if the staff those are also gone, then you just get off the train and walk through the gate and exit.


Should I do this?

Probably not! But if you are a naughty girl or boy, or if you lost your wallet and don’t have any money, you might do this!

If you get caught you can always say you are a stupid foreigner and you did not understand! Haha!

Obviously if you enter a station where there are no staff, and you travel for many stations and reach a larger station where there are staff, before you walk through the exit gate you will have to pay.

Where can I find this?

Places in the middle of nowhere with very little service and staff… like in Shikoku, and towards the West.

Better idea

A better idea is to get used discount train tickets (not illegal).

This article was written by Michiko and Translated by Cameron

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