Cheap Sleep: Manga Café!

Quieter than karaoke and safer than doya
July 3, 2016, written by Michiko

Not in the mood to sleep in a Doya or a Karaoke room? And you don’t have 3000 yen for a capsule hotel? Don’t worry! We have a plan!

This is a great alternative if it is too loud for you at the Karaoke room to sleep, but you still want to only pay 1000-1500 yen for a night.

Solution! Manga Café!

Many of these cafés are open 24/7 (obviously you can’t sleep in the ones that aren’t 24/7).

Some have an option to get your own little cubical, where there will be a computer desk, reclining office chair, blankets and pillows. You can try sleeping on the floor, but it might be too cramped and you’ll have to get into the fetal position. Or you can try sleeping in the reclining computer chair.

In this case the staff know and don’t care that you are sleeping! Yay!

It is usually sold as a ‘6 hour block’ so you could go in at 1am, and then get up and leave at 7am. Or, you can pay more to stay more.

If you think about it, the Manga Café is your best bet for lodging in Japan if you have no money. You can literally do all of your day activities and then when your day is done, go to the café, get a cubical, curl up, go to sleep, wakeup, get a shower and start your day! And it is your own space (as opposed to a youth hostel).

And instead of paying 7000 yen a night for a normal hotel you are only paying 1000! Pretty cool huh!?


  1. Some Manga Cafes even have showers which come included in your purchase, so you can freshen up, and clean your dirty sweaty body.
  2. Some will offer free unlimited drinks (soda), other will charge an extra fee for it
  3. ALL will have racks and racks of all kinds of manga. Keep in mind they will be written in Japanese!
  4. If you choose to get a cubical you get your own computer, internet connection and headphones.
  5. If you don’t want to sleep there and just want to go and read manga for a couple hours, you can do that too.
  6. Women are also welcome ^_^)/


Some manga cafés will not allow non-residents to enter! What a bummer! >_<) You will find out when you enter, if they don’t let you in, don’t worry! There are tons of other manga cafes you can go to!

This article was written by Michiko and Translated by Cameron

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