Tokyo MUST Eat List

Good, bad, or just strange there are some things you MUST eat while in Tokyo as part of the experience. So man up, get your war face on and get ready to chow down.

Japanese Pizza

As if the Japanese Franchises of Pizza Hut and Dominions were not disappointing enough, Japan’s own take on the actual pizza dish is horrendously inedible.

Imagine a pita with sliced cabbage, ranch sauce, strips of sautéed beef, mayo and onions, all wrapped up. THIS is a Japanese pizza believe it or not.

Don’t be surprised if you have bowel difficulties.

Find the location here at Ikebukuro in Tokyo, under: “Food- Japanese Pizza Shop”


You’re bloody right ramen is at the top of your list. Avail yourself of a bowl of Tonkotsu ramen at Hakata Ramen in downtown Tokyo!

This chain originated from Kyuushu, and has since expanded across Japan due to the success of their irresistible tonkotsu ramen.

Thick and rich tonkotsu ramen is created by hours and hours of slow cooking pork bones (around 12 hours) until the result is a thick, cloudy rich broth.

When you order your ramen be sure to get a side of Gyoza and… when your ramen arrives, eat up all the noodles and then ask for a ‘kaedama’ (second helping) of ramen noodles for only 100 yen!

Take a trip to Hakata Marunouchi in Tokyo for the best ramen in your life:

Green Tea Frappuccino

Japan also has Starbucks on every corner, the only difference is the menu has a slight ethnic variation, case and point the Green Tea Frappuccino.

How does it taste? That is something you’ll have to brave to answer on your own!

$150 Melon

Does your budget permit a $150 expenditure for the famed Densuke Watermelons? Grown only in Hokkaido Japan, these melons range anywhere from $100-$300 each (only 10,000 are grown a year). The rind is completely black and slightly thinner than its western counterparts. And is known to have a unique, crisp and sweet taste.

But is it worth $300? Can you afford to find out?

Udon at Kurosawa’s

Legendary Japanese Directory Akira Kurosawa was also a master chef, he has four restaurants in Tokyo, each with their own atmosphere and menu. Stop by Udon Kurosawa for some brilliant and original variations of Udon.

Meat Sushi at Ebisu’s Nikuzushi

Have you ever felt that the one thing wrong with sushi was the raw fish? Well you’re in for a treat, now you can get sushi with raw meat instead of raw fish. Variations include: beef, pork and horse.

Salisbury Steak & One foot tall Sundae at Bikkuri Donkey

Bikkuri means ‘surprise’… Whatever ‘surprise donkey’ means we’re not sure but we do know that they have outstanding Salisbury steaks, nearly the size of your head to be exact. After you’re done chowing down, wrap it up with a foot tall ice cream sundae.

They have several restaurants in and around Tokyo:

Green Tea Soft-served Ice Cream

If the Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino didn’t make you vomit and you’re up for some more fun, by all means try some soft served green tea ice cream. You can find it and numerous locations in the city, from Sensoji Temple to Ueno Park.


One of the few deserts in the Japanese culinary roster, Taiyaki is a fish shaped waffle, with a variety of fillings including: sweet been, strawberry cream, vanilla custard, chocolate and if you’re lucky you’ll find the savory ‘okonomiyaki’ filling… which is in essence mini okonomiyaki wrapped in a waffle, complete with cabbage, sauce, bacon and other goodies.

Head on down to Tokyo Taiyaki at Roppongi Hills and get the taiyaki hookup:


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