Internet in Japan

Travelers coming from America will be receive a rude awakening to how spoiled they are to have free wifi at nearly any location in the US. Unfortunately in Japan it is not so freely given.

While you can find free wifi at Starbucks it is not always the case, for some you will have to proceed through a payment gateway and pay a small fee before connecting to the internet with your device.

Hotels will typically either have internet at a business center were you can plug a hard line into the router, or they will have wifi.

Some free wifi locations in Tokyo

Right out the front of Shibuya Train Station, where the Hachiko Dog Statue is there is FREESPOT and FREESPOT2 Internet Wi-Fi access. It can be quite unreliable with the connection dropping regularly.
Wired Cafe Shinjuku Mitsukoshi
Bali Puri Cafe Indonesian Restaurant B1F Hilliside Roppongi Hills Tokyo - you need to ask the staff for the WiFi password.
Apple Store in the centre of Ginza, just a 1 minutes walk from the Ginza Subway train station A9 exit has free WiFi.
For more areas where there is free wifi see this google map, which lists out restaurants, cafes etc:


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