How to use an ATM in Tokyo

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If you're in Tokyo for any length of time at all you're going to want to with drawl some dough. As this is a 'cash' city and credit/debit cards are certainly not excepted everywhere, let alone foreign credit/debit cards.

The exchange rate is best at a Post Office. You'll find post offices abound in Tokyo and usually they will contain a seperate section which has ATM's. So even when the post office is closed after hours, this section will still be open for use. (Up to a certain time, it certainly won't be open at 9:00pm at night)

The process is very simple, and thankfully most machines will have an 'English' button so you can easily follow the process. Some even have audio to assist you further.

Figure #1

Post office in Otsuka, Tokyo

Figure #2

Post office hours.

Figure #3

ATM machines inside the post office. All instructions are in Japanese, however there will usually be an 'English' button for your convenience.

Figure #4

This is the default screen on the ATM. Notice all the buttons are in Japanese except for the bottom right, which says: "English Guide".

Figure #5

Step 1. Touch the English Guide button on the screen.

Figure #6

Now you'll see all of your options in English. Step two, click 'withdrawl'.

Figure #7

Step 3, select 'visitor withdrawl'

Figure #8

Now the machine will ask for your Debit card.

Figure #9

Step 4, take out your VISA debit card and slide it into the machine.

Figure #10

Step 5, enter your pin in the keypad shown on the side. Then press the green button.

If all goes well your money will pop out and you'll be all set.

Note: It should be noted that most banks will charge a few when you use them internationally.

Note: ALL transactions are done in YEN so pay mind to the exchange rate.

Note: If your transaction fails it may be because you tried to withdraw too much, not being aware of the exchange rate. Try again with a lower amount.