Shinjuku Chuo Central Park

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Shinjuku Nation Gardens

Although not nearly as spectacular as the Shinjuku National Gyoen, the Shinjuku Chuo Central Park is satisfactory and has some unique features. Located in West Shinjuku It is worth exploring if you happen to be in the area.

Kumano Shrine

The quiet and impeccable Kumano Shrine is located in the North West corner of the park; secluded and surrounded by trees it has a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. With recent renovations completed it is also crisp, clean and has a brand new yet ancient feel.


Stretching one hundred feet wide and twenty feet high is the park's man-made waterfall. Standing on the trail above it gives you a fantastic view of the downtown, revealing all of the downtown's tallest skyscrapers. An even better view is attainable by taking the sky walk out of the park, and from the skywalk the downtown skyline really opens up, revealing even more than before.


The last and most interesting feature of the park are the people. There is almost always a filming crew present, either shooting Japanese drama, independent films, or others.

The park also is a popular location for the vagrant population. Gathering groups, platoons of bums can be found spread throughout the park, especially nearby the base of the waterfall, where there is an abundance of shade and concrete. Although it should be safe during the day, I would not recommend venturing out during the night.

How to get to Shinjuku Central Park

Shinjuku JR station, West Exit, walk West for 2000 feet, about a 15 minute walk and you’ll run straight into the park, don’t worry its large you can’t miss it.

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