Narita Airport to Tokyo - step by step guide

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Part one - Narita to Tokyo

Getting from the airport to Tokyo is easier and more affordable than you think. For your convenience there are several trains which have stations right at the airport, which will take you right into the city. Its as simple as walking into the arivalls hall, taking the stairs down to floor B1, buying your train ticket at the Keisei Limited counter, walking down another flight of stairs and then bam, you're on the platform, ready to hit the city. Its that easy! And getting from Tokyo back to Narita is just as simple.

But as simple as it is, its always a good policy to 'know before you go' so you are familiar and not completely stumped. In light of this we have prepared for you a photographic guide through all the steps of getting to Tokyo from Narita Airport and then getting to Narita Airport from Tokyo.

Note: Narita is is 36 miles east of Tokyo, and the average train ride takes an hour and fifteen minutes. There are many trains you can choose all with varying prices and speeds. But we want to keep things simple for you, thus we have choosen the most affordable and convenient train: Kesei Limited Express, only costing 1000 yen (10 USD apprx)

Let's Begin.

Upon clearing immigration and security and after collecting your baggage at Narita International airport you will step into the arrivals hall.

Figure #1

Arrivals hall: (Terminal 1)

Figure #2

Figure #3

Head to the end of the hall.

Figure #4

Don't go down the escalators, instead keep heading straight.

Figure #5

Go straight but veering to the left, then you'll see this:

Figure #6

Now, go imideaitely to the left, around that corner you will see these cash machines:

Figure #7

Score some cash and then turn back around the way you came, and take the escalator down to B1, and you'll see this at the landing:

Figure #8

Take a right, go straight and you'll find these stairs:

Figure #9

You're now at B1

Figure #10

Start walking straight, veering left and you'll find the Keisei booth:

Figure #11

Approach the area in the red cricle to buy your ticket.

Figure #12

Choose a machine, then press the 'english' button on the screen

Figure #13

Then, put in a 1000 yen bill or 1000 yen in change, then this screen will come up:

Figure #14

Press '1000', then it will spit out your ticket.

Figure #15

Next, walk towards the ticket gate, put your ticket in, and take it back. If you don't know how to do this please see...

Figure #16

Walk down the long corridor

Figure #17

Near the end of the corridor, turn left:

Figure #18

Go down the escalator:

Figure #19

Go down

Figure #20


Figure #21

You're now at the platforms for the Keisei limited and the Sky Liner.

Figure #22

To your left is platform 1 - keisei limited express, to your right is platform 2 keisei skyliner

Figure #23

You want to be on the platform that has this sign on it.

Wrapping it up

The Keisei Limited Express will stop at a few different stations, including Aoto. Your stop is Nippori. Once you arrive at Nippori you will get off and then transfer to the Yamanote Line at which point you can go anywhere in the city: Central Tokyo (JR Tokyo Station), Shinjuku (JR Shinjuku Station), and much more.

Part Two: Tokyo to Narita

Getting to Narita from Tokyo is very simple. First get on the Yamanote line and take it to Nippori Station. Here you will transfer off of the Yamanote Line and on to the Keisei line, for the Keisei Limited Express. (there is also the Kesei Skyliner which goes to Narita but is twice the price) Our guide starts with you outside the Nippori Station.

Figure #24

Walk down the stairs,

Figure #25

notice the sign that says 'keisei line' that is what you want.It is point to the left and up, that means its not directly left, its in the back, see next pic:

Figure #26

The red circle is where you want to go. Once you get there you will see the keisei line map and 3 ticket machines, the ticket gate, and an information booth on the left.

Figure #27

I have circled the ticket machine you will use, as well as the info booth (incase you need help, they speak english) Here is a close up of your ticket machine:

Figure #28

This is for the Keise limited express. NOT the Keisei Skyliner. The Sky liner has its own machine to the right of this one. It costs twice as much, so that's why we're using the Keisei Limited. Not that this ticket machine works exactly like the JR Yamanote line machines.
  • Push the button on the screen that says "english"
  • Insert 1,000 yen note or change
  • Screen will change with a whole bunch of tickets
  • push the one that says '1000', your ticket will then pop out
  • Now turn towards the gate and put your ticket in. (if you don't know how to do this then please see the Primer on how to use trains in Tokyo)

Figure #29

Examine the signs beyond the gate:

Figure #30

Notice the two platforms 1) for Keise Skyliner 2) for Funabashi, Narita and Narita Airport. Platform 2 is the one you want. Take the escalator up on the right.

Figure #31

This is the escalator you want

Figure #32

After the escalator, here you are at plat form 2 of the Keise line. Here is the information board:

Figure #33

The information board shows the next three trains that are coming to the station. Notice, there is 'local' and 'ltd exp'. LTD exp is your train. It is red because it is on its way into the station. Notice it shows the departure time of the train as well as its destination 'narita airport'. A look inside the train car:

Figure #34

The trip will take around 75 minutes. You will want to stop at ether Terminal 1 or 2 depending on your flight. (click here to find out what terminal your airline is at). The Terminal you reach will be anounced on the train's PA system so you'll know. Now, exit the train and you'll see something like this to your left:

Figure #35

And something like this to your right:

Figure #36

This is your exit, approach the escalator and note this sign: (airport terminal 1 exit) Go up the escalator

Figure #37

At the top of the escalator landing you'll see: Go straight down the corridor

Figure #38

Continue walking down the corridor

Figure #39

And more:

Figure #40

And continue, you're now at the security gate, have your passport ready.

Figure #41

After a brief glance at your passport, you're now in the airport.