Otsuka to Sugamo and Back
A field trip, step by step

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Part Two, Sugamo to Otsuka

Let's begin.

Figure #1

Outside the Front Exit/Entrance of Sugamo Station. Walk straight in.

Figure #2

You will notice this Green JR sign, walk forward.

Figure #3

With a wider view, you can see on the left the blue circle with an arrow pointing down. That is for the Mita Subway line. Just keep going straight, following the arrow of the green JR sign.

Figure #4

After a few paces you'll notice this sign on the left. "Tickets", walk over to the right and you'll see the Ticketing area with the JR line map.

Figure #5

The massive JR Lines Network. Walk over and look at the middle circle.

Figure #6

Here is a close up. This is where we are. The red arrow is pointing at Sugamo Station. We want to go to Otsuka so it will be 130 yen.

Figure #7

Put in 130 yen.

Figure #8

As you can see, I put in 150 yen (that is why the 150 ticket is green) With your finger press on the green 130 ticket.

Figure #9

Then out pops your ticket.

Figure #10

Now, walk over to the Ticket Gate which is just a few feet ahead of the Ticketing area.

Figure #11

After passing through the ticket barrier, walk forward and you will see this view, keep going forward, towards the green sign with the down arrow. And go down the stairs.

Figure #12

Since we're going to Otsuka, which is in the direction of Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, we will be using Platform Two.

Figure #13

Platform One will take us further away from Otsuka. So we wait for the train to arrive at Platform Two and then hop on.

Figure #14

Getting off the train at Otsuka, locate the exit & stairs.

Figure #15

Exit sign and stairs, go down.

Figure #16

The landing of the stairs, continue to follow the exit sign. Walk straight and veer right.

Figure #17

Put your used ticket into the slot and pass through the gate.

Figure #18

South Exit.

Figure #19

North Exit.

Figure #20

Otsuka JR station, North Entrance. Back to where we started. Great job!