Working Holiday Program

Working Holiday Programs are designed to foster young people with global perspective and enhance friendly relationship between Japan and partner countries/regions by providing opportunities for the young people to deepen their understanding about partner countries/regions.

Countries have Working Holiday Agreements with Japan

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Republic of Korea, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark, and for residents of Taiwan and Hong Kong

Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday visa is a special visa for young people that has the following features.

Validity of Visa:
Visa recipients must enter Japan within one year (six months for New Zealand, three month for Taiwan) after the date of issue.

Period of Stay:
An initial stay of up to six months is granted for Australia, New Zealand and Canada (one year for the Republic of Korea, France, Germany, U.K., Ireland and Denmark. France, U.K., Ireland, Taiwan and Hong Kong cannot be extended.) This may be extended up to another six months by the immigration authorities. Details are available from the Immigration Bureau.

Limits on Issue:
Working Holiday visas will be issued only to persons who have never obtained one before.

Re-entry Permits:
The Working Holiday visa is a single-entry visa. If the visa holder needs to leave Japan temporarily, it is necessary to obtain a re-entry permit from the immigration authorities before leaving Japan.

Remunerative Activities:
Working Holiday visa holders can engage in any kind of job as long as their stay is deemed to be primarily a holiday in Japan. They may not, however, work in places where business is being regulated by the Law on Control and Improvement of Amusement and Entertainment Business, such as nightclubs and dance halls.

Visa Fees:
There is no charge for a Working Holiday visa. (except for U.K. and Taiwan)



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