Learn How to Study Japanese Properly

Uh oh… you might not be aware of this but they Japanese that you learn on Rosetta Stone, wherever isn’t quite the same language that the Japanese themselves speak.

Yes, they still say ‘arigatou’ and ‘konnichiha’ (written ‘ha’ but pronounced ‘wa’), but there are many differences between the Japanese that is taught here in the West and the Japanese that is spoken over in the Far East.


Enter Japanimal

Us Japanimals, well, we had to learn the hard way.

But that doesn’t mean you have to too!

Cameron is the head of our Learning Japanese section. He’s going to hook you up. Cameron, (or as I like to call him Cam-tron) is an English teacher for Japanese people and a Japanese teacher for American people. He sees the whole picture, and he breaks it down for you in the simplest easy-to-digest manner.


Two Questions

Time for some Realtalk.

You need to keep in mind that there are two approaches one can take when dealing with the language Japanese:

  1. Goof around and enjoy learning slang words and funny phrases, from your favorite anime & manga and have fun with it (Japanese for Fun)
  2. Tackle the subject like a boss and learn the grammar, sentence structure, etc. (Japanese for Bosses)

There is nothing wrong with either of them.

Just be aware of which you are doing.


Why are we even bringing this up?

Because often times people try to learn Japanese by taking the first approach. And quickly become super disappointed because they never end up actually speaking Japanese, although they’ve learned lots of stuff.

Of course you’re not going to learn Japanese by taking the first approach! The first approach is dessert! It’s just for fun! It is not the main entrée. It’s the appetizer or dessert.

The only way you will truly learn the language is by taking the second approach.

Here at Japanimal, we don’t care which you choose. We have awesome articles and content for each of the two approaches.

We just want you to know that if you want to learn this language like a boss then you need to take the second approach (Japanese for Bosses). And if you just want to have some fun, then by all means take the first approach (Japanese for Fun).

A wise student does both at the same time!

We try to keep things by balanced by making half our Learning Japanese articles on fun topics (slang, etc), and the remaining half on more serious topics (grammar, etc).

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