Markets in Tokyo - Sensoji / Nakamise Market

While not promoted as a market, it is in fact arguably the most exciting market experience in Tokyo. The Nakamise market is a neatly paved pedestrian road which leads right up to the façade of the venerable Sensoji Temple. On both sides of this road line the market stalls, in traditional architecture, complete with lanterns and red gleaming paint.

Everywhere you turn you are immersed into Japanese culture and architecture, giving this market a particularly exciting feel.

Half way through you’ll find an intersection, with the left and right sides opening up, taking you into “Shin Nakamise” which is an arcade hosting more and more shops and stores and less market.

Instantly noticeable will be the sheer volume of people shuffling about through the market, its almost as claustrophobic as the Shibuya cross walk, making it the most busy market in Tokyo.

Aside from the obvious pleasures in perusing the market, there is also much to see nearby, with a dozen temples and shrines within a few minute’s walk.


Snacks dominate the food presence, crackers, sweet buns, fried bean doughnuts (age manju), shaved ice with syrup and even green tea ice cream. Don’t expect to find a meal or even meat for that matter, its strictly snacks at Nakamise.


Among a great variety of shopping you’ll find there are mostly two kinds of shops. One: traditional Japanese snacks, anything from sweet to savory, and two: trinket shops, selling anything from Pokemon key chains to Sailormoon plushies.

Aside from snacks and toys you’ll find plenty of traditional clothing, yukatas, hakamas, wooden sandals and more.


Nakamise Market runs from the street straight up to Sensoji Temple. From Ueno Station Transfer to the Ginza line and get off at Asakusa Station. From there please consult our map on Google and MSN maps, to guide you directly to the market.


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