Markets in Tokyo - Sugamo Market

As geriatric as it may seem (or as others may try to convince you), Sugamo Market isn’t all Slipper Shops, Tobaco Stands and Cane Stores. Yes of course it is most frequented by the elderly but don’t let that give you the wrong impression.

While the Sugamo Market does in fact have its fair share of geriatri (geriatric items or people) a closer look will reveal a wealth of Traditional Japanese items, clothing, gadgets, and other paraphernalia.


Possibly the most exciting aspect of meandering through the market is the sampling of the local fair at the many street-side stands. There are several restaurants but the cheapest and best food is found right on the street.

Essential eating includes small Takoyaki balls. These are essentially golf ball-sized pancakes. Grab a dozen for $200 yen. The taste is mild and delicate, not very sweet.

You’ll find an abundance of deep fried delicacies, such as chicken, sweet potato,
Squid, shrimp and others.


The market is ripe with things to buy, and most for a decent price. For 100 yen you can score a pair of wooden hand-made chopsticks, or spoons and forks. For 1000 yen (about 10 US bucks) you can find a variety of shirts, but be warned they are rather geriatric.

Stroll on over to the central temple, where you’ll find two dozen stalls out front with vendors selling various religious items, charms and more.


The atmosphere in Sugamo Market is noticeably traditional and authentic. To augment this air there are several temples placed in and around the market, one smack-dab in the center, another near the entrance and another further down.


The Sugamo Market is located rather conveniently across from the JR Sugamo Station, just a short 5 minute walk away, along side the major thorough fare which splits Sugamo in half.


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