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Score some kanagawa style okonomiyaki at Horetarou. If you've got a hell of an apetite and could eat a horse, then you can spend $40 USD and get the 'all you can eat okonomiyaki & rice & beer' special for 2.5 hours.

+81 467-23-8622
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Come enjoy 'tsukemono' a refreshing local Japanese pickle type dish which comes in many varieties. Perfect to cool down with on a hot summer day.

376-2 Yamanouchi, Kamakura
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Hato Sabure

Toshimaya’s not only got your souvenir hookup at has Kamakura’s signature ‘dove cookie’. While probably over-rated, the ‘hato sabure’ (dove cookie) has become one of the symbols of Kamakura and something every one eats when they visit. It is simply a butter/sugar cookie in the shape of a dove. They cost around 90 yen.

Komachi-dori | Kamakura Town, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
+81 467-25-0505

Murasakimono Aisu Kurimu (Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream)

Another local snack is purple sweet potato ice cream, don’t worry! As strange as it sounds we swear it is delicious. As with Senei and Hato Sabure you can find the purple ice cream at any snack shop in Kamakura. We recommend ‘Imo no Kichikan’ who are particularly famous for their potato ice cream. The ice cream is soft served and will cost you about 300 yen.

Imo no Kichikan
+81 467-25-6038


Possibly the most well known of all snacks in Kamakura and certainly the most stereotypical, these rice crackers are baked fresh daily (and sometimes right in front of you). Flavors vary from savory to sweet, some are served with a sheet of nori (seaweed).

Senbei are rather delicate in their taste and to some, may seem to be lacking a certain punch. That being said we challenge the adventurous traveler to purchase to plain senbei with no spice (preferably a sweet senbei), and then purchase a soft served purple sweet potato ice cream and make a sandhich. You could even try the Hato Sabure for that mater. Either way the combination of these two local favorites will be sure to please and probably turn some heads.

Konichi tonkatsu

Kamakura’s Konichi Tonkatsu has been serving up fried pork for over fifty years. This endurance has earned it a reputation for some of the best katsu (fried pork) in Eastern Japan. The meat is very tender and is described by some customers to ‘melt in your mouth’, due to its popularity and high demand there is usually a wait ahead of you.
1-6-12 Komachi, Kamakura-shi

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If you want the 100% authentic eating experience while in Kamakura, then you’ll need to check out ‘Usagi’ and when you arrive make sure you order the deep fried pumpkin (if in season), as well as the specialty dish: “Usagi Salad”, which consists of slices of chicken and omelette over chopped apples and assorted local veggies.

Monte Building 1F, 2-12-37 Komachi, Kamakura-shi

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Hanabi Ramen

The name literally means Fireworks Ramen, and with a name like that you can’t help but anticipate the sensational time you’ll soon be having. The shouyuu ramen is recommended (soy sauce). Expect to pay 780 yen for your bowl of ramen, which is pretty standard for a bowl of ramen, but you’ll be glad you did. They also offer ‘tsukeme’ ramen which is ramen noodles which you dip in a sauce.

1-2-5 Hase, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0016, Japan

+81 467-23-9005

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