Kamakura Hotels & Accommodations
Cheapest and best places to stay

Hotel Kamakura Mori

Hop of the train at Kamakura Station and walk five minutes over to the Hotel Kamakura Mori. The hotel is attractive but modest. Prices start at around $100 USD and go as high as $250, which is rather good for the area. Their website does not have an English version, and has no online booking so you will have to call and place your reservation by phone.

1-5-21 Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
+81 467-22-5868
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Pension Green Grass

A small and quaint hotel a 3 minute walk away from Wadazuka Station, the Pension Green Grass is very affordable and just a quick walk from the beach. The rooms are simple and unassuming, and start at $90 without breakfast, and $103 with breakfast.

2-19-5 Yuigahama, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
+81 467-24-5144

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Kamakura Park Hotel

With rooms starting at a steep $250 a night you’ll find the Kamakura Park Hotel to be the most expensive and elegant hotel in the area (however if it is not posh enough for your tastes then you could quite realistically lodge in Yokohama and take the train in to Kamakura for your sight seeing).

The Park Hotel is designed in the European style, with liberal use of floral patterns and marble. You’ll have access to free wifi, free parking, and LCD TVs.

The hotel is noted for its specialty in the French culinary arts.

248-0021 Kanagawa, Kamakura, Sakanoshita 33-6
+81 467-25-5121

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Guest House Kamejikan

With rooms starting only at $44 the Kamejikan is an excellent choice for those who want to save a few bucks. (Compared to the Park Hotel which is 5x the price) Keep in mind however, that this is a mixed dormitory and such living conditions are not for everyone indeed (However the budget traveler would be most interested). The Kamejikan has free wifi, shared bathrooms and a shared Kitchen. It is conveniently located right on Zaimokuza beach.

248-0013 Kanagawa, Kamakura, Zaimokuza 3-17-21

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Mercure Hotel Yokosuka

If you’re not satisfied with what you can find in Kamakura proper then by all means think outside of the box and seek accommodations elsewhere, specifically Yokosuka. Just five train stations South of Kamakura (by the JR Yokosuka Line) it serves as an excellent base for your Kamakura Adventure.

A single occupant standard room will come in near $105, and a double occupant around $135. Travelers are apt to favor the Mercure over the Kamakura Park Hotel, as it is newer, fresher, more modern and just feels more crisp.

Rooms come complete with all the modern necessities: free internet, LCD TV, coffee maker, blow dryer, etc etc etc.

238-0041 Kanagawa, Yokosuka, Honcho 3-27
+81 46-821-1111


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