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Yanaginobamba nishiki agaru, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
+81 75-254-5567

Kyoto’s Gogyo has a reputation for the best Ramen in Japan, whether this is hype or not you’ll have to find out for yourself and try the shops specialty: burnt ramen. Yes, you ready that right! It comes in a variety of standard ramen flavors: miso, tonkotsu, shoyuu and others.

Travelers be warned however, a price comes with this sensational experience: the line is typically 30-40 minutes unless you get there right when the store opens.

Bowls of ramen go for 850 yen.

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471-1 Sasayacho, Nakagyoku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-0983, Japan
+81 75-257-1581

Humorously, the term ‘hafu’ in Japanese typically means a person who is half Japanese and half of another ethnicity, but enough of that, let’s talk about Kyoto’s premiere steak house: Hafu.

While it is not Kobe beef (Grade 5 Wagyu), it is still ‘melt in your mouth delicious’ and you will NOT leave unsatisfied. Our recommendation is the sirloin medium rare. An added bonus is surprisingly affordable menu prices, with sets coming in at only 4,000 yen, which is pretty darn good for a steak house. However remember that these are Japanese sized portions, so expect a seven ounce steak.

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Tempura Endoh Yasaka

566 Komatsucho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
+81 75-551-1488

The Endoh Yasaka is your Tempura hook up while staying in Kyoto. It has a reputation for being tops in the city. They serve all the standard tempura yummies including but not limited to: seafood, wide assortment of veggies, shrimp and tempura fritters.

Prepare yourself as it is not cheap eats (if you want brilliant food you usually have to pay for it). Various sets are available, starting at 4,000 yen to as much as 6,500 yen.

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Katsukura Kyotoekibiru - At The Cube

901 Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyoku
The CUBE 11F, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8216, Japan
+81 75-365-8666

There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty and moving from always being a spectator to doing some of the food preparation yourself! Like some restaurants let you make your own okonomiyaki, the clever folks at Kyoto Eki Biru let you grind your own sesames to make the coating for your deep fried shrimp and pork (tonkatsu)!

Aside from the fun, said fried food is delicious and tender. Visitors will be pleased with the fact that there is never a wait and the menu is rather affordable.

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Myoudai Omen Ginkakuji Honten

Bus Pool South Ginkakuji Sakyoku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-8406, Japan
+81 75-771-8994

The Omen has the impressive reputation as the best place to get noodles in Kyoto (udon noodles that is) But is it so? We invite you, the hungry traveler to take the challenge. There is one flagship store and two branch stores throughout Kyoto.

Travelers who want an authentic and traditional Japanese experience are wise to hop on over to the Omen, despite its high price tag ($25 each), it is the real deal banana peal.

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