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3-1 Funadaikumachi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture 850-0904, Japan
+81 95-821-2938

Just South of Shianbashi Station (about two blocks) You'll find a little shop which has the reputation of some the best cake in the city. Its called "Castella" (or "Kasutella" in Japanese). This light pound cake is a specialty of the Nagasaki area, and was first brought there by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The shops’ reputation keeps it rather busy, so try to go during the off hours and have your dessert before your dinner just like your mother taught you.

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4-5 Matsugae-machi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture 850-0921 , Japan
+81 95-822-1296

A mile South of JR Nagasaki Station, just below Hotel Monterey Nagasaki & Ourakaigandori Station stands Shikairo, Nagasaki's Champion of Champon (Regional Dish of Nagasaki which originated from China. It is a form of Ramen where veggies and meat are fried first with lard, and then soup broth and noodles are added later).

According to the locals Shikairo itself invented this dish and is the original source. Recommended is the Red Spicy, and the Sweet and Sour Pork. Helpings are large so be ready to get fat.

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8-9 Hamamachi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture 850-0853, Japan
+81 95-821-2500

A short walk two blocks North of Kankodori Station will bring you to Yosso, a hot spot for local dish 'Chawanmushi' (tea cup steam). It is a savory custard dish perpared in a ceramic bowl (hence the tea cup) which is flavored with soy sauce, dashi, mirin and topped with mushrooms, veggies, shrimp and others.

Explorers may find it interesting that the locals do not use chop sticks but use a spoon when chomping down on chawanmushi.

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Menya Always

5-22 Yorozuyamachi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture 850-0852, Japan
+81 95-824-1199

Just one block East of Yosso, nearby the Nagasaki Yorozuya Post office, you will discover Menya Always! A local favorite ramen shop which always a line. Since we are in Kyushu this shop is serving up the regional variation of ramen called Tonkotsu, which is a thicker and more flavorful broth (made from pork bones) compared to other more watery versions.

One bowl goes for only 600 yen which is pretty darn competitive. Make sure you get some of the 'black pork' gyoza too.

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Hamakatsu Shippoku

6-50 Kajiyamachi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
+81 95-826-8321

A block East of Menya Always is the very traditional and atmospheric Japanese eatery: Hamakatsu Shippoku. Travelers will thoroughly enjoy the decor and style as much as they will the fresh local cuisine. If you are traveling in a group then it is recommend that you dine in the Japanese room where you can eat on the floor like the locals do.

Recommended menu items are the Sea Bass with plumb sauce and the Braised Pork which is a life-changing experience (each slice is 525 yen, so if you order the plate of 5 pieces its 2500 yen). Make sure you have at least 2500 yen with you as this place is a little expensive. (ala cart being 1600 yen to 2200 yen, and set menu being 5300 each)

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