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Nara Hotel

1096 Takabatake-cho, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8301, Japan

Nara Hotels' location is perfect in regards to proximity to the many cultural riches and sightseeing in Nara, however it is definitely not walkable from the Nara Kintetsu Station. So travelers will need to take a taxi to and from the station should they want to do any traveling.

The rooms are clean and designed in an old classic/traditional Japanese fashion, as is the entire hotel, with old timber, fixtures, paintings abound. Overall it is a very enjoyable atmosphere.

It doesn't come without a price tag though, due to its location in the lake and park, prices start at around $190.

Single Occupant: $190
Double Occupant: $190

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Super Hotel Lohas JR Nara-eki

1-2, Sanjo-honmachi, Nara Shi, Nara

While the name itself may conjur suspcions and horrors of a cheap Motel 6, fear not! The Super is as super as it gets for Nara. Let us expound.

The Super Hotel is located 1 minute by foot from JR Nara station. Which puts it directly in the center of the action. With Toudaiji Temple 15 minutes West and Heijyo Kyou Temple 15 East, and train lines in all directions for your convenience.

The rooms at the super are modern, new and clean, albeit slightly tacky however you can't complain for a price tag of $85 for a single traveler! Given the location and decency of quarters the Super is well, a super choice.

Single Occupant: $85
Double Occupant: $110

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Hotel Nikko Nara

8-1 Sanjo Honmachi, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8122, Japan (Nara Station)
+81 742-35-8831

Like the 'Super' Nikko Nara is located right next to JR Nara Station, making it right smack dab in the middle of all the action.

Rooms are fresh, spacious, relatively dated, and relatively modern, not bad. As with all other JAL Hotels (Japanese Hotel Chain) the restaurants and dining are acceptable.

Travelers will notice in Nara the pricing for hotels is considerably more affordable than those of Osaka and Kyoto. The Nikko Nara is no exception, with the most basic room coming in at $90 for a single occupant.

Single Occupant: $90
Double Occupant: $150

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Comfort Hotel NARA

321 3 Sanjo cho, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8244, Japan (Nara Station)
+81 742-25-3211

Equivallant to a Comfort Inn of America, but a little more upscale is the Comfort Hotel Nara. Like many hotels it is situated with a couple minutes from JR Nara Station, making it ideal for locale.

Not surprisingly since this is a Comfort Inn, the room fees are absurdly low, making it one of the most inexpensive hotels in Nara, short of a Ryokan or Hostel.

The rooms are perfectly acceptible. Newly designed, fresh and modern. Breakfast is best skipped.

Single Occupant: $60
Double Occupant: $80

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Train from Tokyo to Nara

Step 1
Depart from Tokyo Station, via the Shinkansen NOZOMI 233, bound for Kyoto.
Time: 138min

Step 2
Arrive at Kyoto Station, transfer to the Kintetsu Limited Express, bound for Kintetsu Nara Station
Time: 35min

Total time: 199min
Cost: 14,630 yen

Train from Osaka to Nara

Depart from Osaka Station, via the JR Yamatoji Rapid Service line, bound for Nara Station

Time: 50 min
Cost: 780 yen

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