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Steak House Mihashi

Be prepared to spend $60 per person at the minimum and $150 if you feel like splurging (it depends on the quality of the steak you get, 'wagyu' being the higest). Steak House Mihashi serves up Japan's highest grade beef 'wagyu', and you pay for every dollar of it. The steak is described as being velvety and smooth, melt in your mouth.

1115 Kamihatsuishimachi, Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1401 , Japan
+81 288-54-3429
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Yubatei Masuda-ya

Come one come all and sample some of Nikko’s local fare at Yubatei Masudaya (but people just call it Masuda). Traditional dishes include ‘yuba’ or ‘tofu skin’ (a thin film which forms on the top of soy milk during the tofu making process. This film is then dried and re-hydrated to create a delicate and slightly rubber wrapper which can wrap fruits, veggies or others. Yuba is also deep fried.

As for some more background of this dish one restaurant in Nikko explains:
Yuba is processed food of a soybean. Rinnou Temple the leading role in discipline of Buddhist priest. Many Buddhist priest crowded in Nikko. They could not eat meat and fish. They were a vegetarian. They used soybean instead of meat and fish. Yuba is local food in Nikko

Another popular dish includes at Masudaya include ‘masu no shioyaki’, grilled trout seasoned with salt.

10 min. walk from Tobu Nikko Station

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Continuing with the traditional dish of Yuba we have the variation of ‘yuba-soba’. For around $13 (not cheap!) you can score yourself a bowl of yuba soba, which resembles ramen. What makes it different are the large pieces of rolled yuba floating in the yummy broth goodness.

593 Gokou-machi, Nikko-shi

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Meiji no yakata Cake Shop

As soon as you get off from whatever train you took to Nikko your first stop will be the pastry shop. Which is conveniently located right next to the Tobu and JR stations.

Recommended delights are the “banana and chocolate cup”, cheese cake or the mousse. In addition to these there is a wide assortment of traditional cakes that require your sampling.
Located right next to Tobu Nikko Station

〒3211406 栃木県日光市松原町4-3 

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Hippari Dako

Join the millions and get some yakitori and ramen and the world famous Hippari Dako. Menu items are rather affordable, coming in at around 500 yen.

1011 Kami-Hatsuishi-machi, Nikko

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Gurumans Wagyu

If you’d like something in a slightly more refined setting then head on over to the steak house. The establishment prides itself on its home grown black cows which have a rather unique taste and could be compared with Kobe Beef.


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