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Shiogama Fish Market

While not in Sendai proper, the Shiogama Fish Market is 15km east of Sendai, situated right on the coast (get off at higashishiogama station). If Seafood is your thing then prepare your self to vomit in delight, as there are well over 300 shops/stalls selling freshly caught sea critters and dishes. Make sure you go early however, at least by 7am.

1丁目-13−1 Shinhamacho, Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture 985-0001, Japan

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Steak Kojirou (すていき 小次郎)

Come one come all to the best beef experience possible in Japan, rivaling that of Kobe. The star of the menu is the 'sendai beef steak' or as it is called in Japanese 'wagyu', which basically means premium grade beef. This steak is comparable with 'USDA Prime'. The wagyu at Kojirou is described as velvety smooth and melts in your mouth.

15-3 Tachimachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi
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Sendai and Miyagi Prefecture are home to a variety of delicious local tasties. As you would expect, Sendai being a fishing city has a plethora of fresh sushi; straight from the sea on to your plate. YUM!

Check out Kameki Sushi, it is touted by locals as the best sushi in all of Japan. You’ll have to see for yourself.

Kameki Sushi
6-12 Shintomicho, Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
+81 22-362-2055 ‎ ·

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Gyutan (Grilled Beef Tongue)

If you can stomach the idea of eating a cow’s tongue then you’ll have no trouble gobbling up some Gyutan (Japanese cow tongue). Whether the texture and flavor is appealing to your pallet won’t be known until you have a bite for yourself. Check out Rikyu (a chain of gyutan shops) for a slice of tongue.

1-12-1 Honcho, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
+81 227-22-9666

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Sendai Miso

Even obscure amongst the Japanese themselves is the Sendai variation of Miso soup (Known as yellow miso, shinshu miso, or just Sendai Miso). The chief differences being slightly more salty than typical Miso but with a delicate flavor. While you’re in Sendai hop on down to Kotodai-koen for some authentic Sendai Miso:

宮城県仙台市 青葉区 4丁目9−1 かき徳ビル2F、3F
+81 227-48-6624

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Sasa kamaboko

At first glance this dish looks like Gyoza (fried pork dumplings) however it is different in all respects. This dish is made by grinding the white meat of fish into a powerder, and then kneading it with salt, mirin, sugar, starch (to give it form), it is then formed into wedges and steamed. Lastly it is fried on one side and served on ‘sasa’ (bamboo leaf).

This dish is home to Miyagi Prefecture and can be found easily, especially in Sendai. Our recommendation is Kanezaki:


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