Yokohama Sightseeing & Attractions
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Yokohama Helicopter Ride

If you've got a few bucks and looking for some thrils try a helicopter ride over the downtown & harbor area of Yokohama! Two rides are availible: a 10-minute day time ride for about $150, and a 5-minute sunset ride for $60.

The Helipad is located in Rinko park, right on the water.

Yokohama Baylight Course
Service Time: Every10min after sunset to 20:30
Flight time: about10min flight
Sat & Sun
Fri &
Yokohama Twilight Course
Service Time: Every 3min
at sunset
Flight time: about 5min flight

Excel Air Service::[Reservation] 047-380-5555 [Local place] 045-223-1155

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Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Japan's largest marine theme park, Hakkeijima is reminiscent of Sea World, however not quite as big. Admission to the park is free, however if you want to see any of the shows or displays you will have to pay 4,900 per adult for the day, or 2,700 yen if you just want to come at night.

The park features, lagoons, underwater walks, rides, resturants, a harbor and more. The park bosts 500 different types of fish and over 100,000 sea creatures.


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Sankeien Garden

The vast classical Japan garden covering over 18,000 square miles was opened by Hara Sankei, a businessman who made a fortune with the Japanese silk trade. Rinshunkaku, the Three-Storied Pagoda of Old Toumyouji are amongst the properties designated as Important Cultural Properties by the Japanese government. The garden is also a famous viewing spot of plum and cherry blossoms, azaleas, and autumn leaves. Business hours are extended during special events.


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Don't come to chinatown hoping to get your fix of General Tso's Chicken! Where's your imagination?! While there are some cross-over restaurants which offer Japanese-Chinese and American-Chinese food, you'll find in the main lots of traditional eateries, offering the real deal. So push a side that egg-foo-young and get some real Chinese cuisine.

Aside from Chinese food you'll find plenty of nick-knack shops where you can marvel at all the fun things and bunk.

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Hikawa Maru

Located next to the ever so spacious Yamshita Park is the dry docked Hikawa Maru, an impressive steam ocean liner from built in 1929. It now serves as a museum. The inside is beautifully restored and best of all admission is only 200 yen.

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Kantei-byo Temple

While you're prowling the streets of Chinatown, hunting for General Tso's Chicken, (shame on you!) Take a moment and marvel at the beauty and mystique of this Chinese temple. The temple is as flashy as it is ornate, having been rebuilt several times it looks practically brand new.

Landmark Tower

The Landmark Tower is Japan's tallest building however, the Tokyo Sky Tree dwarfs it. But the Sky Tree is not a building per se, but a 'structure'. Therefore the Landmark Tower still holds its title. It also formerly held the title of fastest elevator in the world. There isn't much for the traveler to do with the Landmark Tower, save for standing from a far admiring it. For those who have a buck or two it has a fantastic hotel, with the cheapest room coming in around $210 USD. But who are we kidding? You're probably just going to sneak in to try out the elevator.

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Minato Mirai 21 (Future Harbor 21)

Being quite possibly the best part of Yokohama, Minato Mirai is in the center of all the action. It is right on the bay (being itself a harbor) It has a small amusement park, an excellent shopping mall, wicked restaurants, it also has the most charming walks and look outs to the sea. This charming spacious quality has made the harbor a favorite place for couples to gather for a good old fashion walk. Just south of the harbor is Yamashita park.

Among others you'll find the following here: Cup Noodles Museum, Manyo Club, Red Brick Warehouse, Cosmo World, Queen's Towers, Landmark Plaza, Nippon maru Port and Museum, Yokohama Museum of Art, Mitsubishi Museum, Landmark Tower.

Getting there is easy enough, just take the Minato Mirai line to Minato Mirai station. Piece of cake.

Yamashita Park

A spacious and charming park located just outside of Chinatown. Yamashita Park is home to the Hikiwa Maru steamboat as well as the Yokohama Marine Tower, a small steel tower which looks over the park.

As a side note, for those of you who are familiar with good ol' Osaka, the Yokohama Marine Tower strikes a certain resemblance to Osaka's Tsutenkaku Tower.

Lalaport Yokohama

The only place you need to concern yourself with when looking where to shop in Yokohama. From their website: "The largest large-scale commercial facility in the prefecture, located near the Kanagawa Tsurumi River. The building, with its lush green vegetation and vast open space, is home to a new Daimaru business dedicated to food, along with the general supermarket Ito Yokado, a culture school, a craft center for the baby-boomer generation, popular local apparel shops, high fashion brands, and a multitude of shops that meet a wide range of needs and wants."

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