Tokyo Youth Hostels

This option certainly isn’t for everyone. What you gain in savings you loose in privacy and in some cases freedom. For guests some Youth Hostels will have a curfew. For example, after midnight their doors are locked and if you get back too late you’re down and out.

Fortunately not all have a curfew, Sakura House, one of Tokyo’s most popular Youth Hostel has no curfews:

The fees will typically work out as follows:

Dormitory – 4 people in one room – 3,200 yen (it can be a male only, female only, or a mix room). Note that this is the same price you’ll pay for a capsule hotel. Which is better? You be the judge!

Some Hostels will also offer private rooms, like a normal hotel. These run for around 6,000 yen.

Unlike Ryokan where the staff is Japanese and they can't speak English, you’ll invariably find English speaking staff at Youth Hostels, as they cater to the international public.


Internet is going to vary from hostel to hostel, you will have to check ahead to be sure. But 99% there will be at least a computer with a modem where you can get a hard line (but bring your own cat-5 cable) Of course some will offer free wifi but never count on it.


Laundry services will typically be included however free breakfast may not. Some offer airport pickup, some don’t.


Your mileage may vary, it is recommended to pick a hostel that at least has a website with pictures so you can see what its like. You don’t want to end up in the ghetto, or maybe you’re a real adventurer and you don’t mind taking a walk on the wild side.

Youth Hostels in Tokyo:

Tokyo Central Youth Hostel
Japan, 東京都新宿区神楽河岸1−1
+81 3-3235-1107
Google Map

Tokyo Yoyogi Youth Hostel
Japan, 東京都渋谷区代々木神園町3−1
+81 3-3467-9163 ‎
Google Map

Tokyo Sumidagawa Youth Hostel
2-21-4 Yanagibashi, Taito, Tokyo, Japan
+81 3-3851-1121
Google Map

Ace Inn Shinjuku
Japan, 東京都新宿区片町5-2
+81 3-3350-6655
Google Map

Hotel Sky Court Koiwa
6-11-4 Kitakoiwa, Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan
+81 3-3672-4411
Google Map

3-17-4 Shinbashi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
+81 3-5401-0404 ‎
Google Map

ANNE Hostel Asakusabashi
2-21-14 Yanagibashi, Taito, Tokyo, Japan
+81 3-5829-9090
Google Map

Khaosan Tokyo Smile
2-2-5 Higashikomagata, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
+81 3-5856-6560
Google Map

Kimi Ryokan
東京都豊島区池袋2ー36ー8, Japan
+81 3-3971-3766
Google Map

bAk pAk Japan Hostels
Japan, Tokyo, Taito 竜泉3-12-5
+81 3-3875-3264
Google Map

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