How to Get Started Learning Japanese [The Right Way]

A logical step by step guide to Japanese sentence structure. Learn how and where to get started on your journey to learning Japanese so you can become the bad-ass ninja master you've always dreamed of becoming...

"There must be a logical, step by step way to study this language!"

Sound familiar?

Without a logical step by step guide, studying a foreign language is a total cluster f***.

It is exhausting and frustrating.

You know how the game goes…

  1. After days of putting it off… you finally force yourself to sit down and crack open your Japanese workbook only to find yourself needing a break just after a few minutes. You end up studying for 20 minutes out of the whole night.  


  2. You hop on to Rosetta Stone, and after 30 minutes a day for weeks you just don’t feel like you’re progressing, it’s not clicking. You’re learning words, but it just feels endless.


  3. Or even worse, you spend a few hours each week just searching the web to find out how to even go about learning Japanese. And you play around with Learning Japanese game apps, and flash cards, but you’re not learning anything.

What’s going on here?

It’s pretty simple: you’re not studying Japanese in the right way.

It’s not your fault though!

  1. That workbook? Yeah… they’re teaching you stuff you don’t even need to know, and just making things way more confusing than they have to be.

  2. Rosetta Stone & similar software? Sure, you’ll learn tons of set phrases and useful words like ‘alarm clock’, but it’s NOT going to make you fluent.

  3. Apps, flash cards, games? Nah… that stuff is just for fun, there is no structure. You definitely can’t learn the language like that.

You need a precise step by step guide with no bull s***. Just giving you what you need, the most important stuff.

Well, guess what? We’ve got that. But let me introduce myself first.

The Nightmare

Hi, my name is Cameron, I’m American and I’ve been studying Japanese since 2008. At that time, English was the ONLY language I knew. I had ZERO experience with foreign language.

For me, studying Japanese was a total absolute nightmare. I didn’t have a clue where to start.

Everything was confusing.

I tried EVERY possible method of learning Japanese (short of going to college, which is a TOTAL waste of time, I’ll save that story for another time), and I couldn’t find anything that was at my level (zero), and gave me just what I needed, step by step.

Eventually after years of quitting and re-starting I got up to a good intermediate level, and then I began teaching Japanese people (in Japan) how to speak English. And that is when it hit me, and I realized how people need to be learning & studying.

The Basics

Basics were missing. Crucial data and fundamentals were glossed over (because ‘everyone knows that already’). Therefore, on this shaky foundation, people (Japanese and Americans) are having a very hard time learning each other’s languages. They’re trying to drive a car without knowing how to use their hands & feet.

I now know what these basics are (after years, from all my hard work and sweat), and after years of learning and teaching, I know in what sequence to teach them.

I want to share them with you.

The Solution

I’m writing a series of e-books on Japanese and my first one is called:

How to Get Started Learning Japanese [The Right Way]
A logical step by step guide to Japanese sentence structure

It is normally for sale for $18. But since you are awesome and downloaded my free e-book: The 6 Worst Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Costs When Learning Japanese. I’m going to let you have it for just $7!

Who’s it for?

This book is for anyone who knows zero about Japanese, or anyone who studies Japanese but does not understand the sentence structure (can’t make complete sentences).

Is it Hard?

NO! This book is VERY easy (but powerful!).

What will I get out of this book?

This step by step guide will give you a solid introduction to Japanese. It will NOT make you fluent. (no e-book could do that).

By the time you are done with it you will have the ability to describe anything, anyone and any place. (with the use of a dictionary if you need it).

It also gives you your first 100 words in Japanese.  

It is systematic, covering the basics, and it builds upon them with each section.

Do Not Bother to Study Japanese Until You’ve Read This Book!

It’s already a super hard language which has no relationship to English. Don’t make things harder on yourself than they have to be. Give yourself a break!

Give yourself an edge and read our books!

What’s it like being able to speak Japanese?

Becoming fluent in Japanese took me many years but let me just give you my before and after:

Before (struggling to learn)

Have: no friends, no Japanese girlfriend, only speak one language
Feel: disappointed, frustrated, no motivation, shy/no confidence, helpless, confused, tired, bored, stupid
Average day: avoids study, finally studies a bit, doesn't get a win, feels no progress. Sees JP shows, or hears music and gets bummed that can't understand. Sees a hot girl/dude, and is bummed because can't communicate.
Status: quitter, n00b, beginner, unprofessional, stupid foreigner, dilettante/dabbler. 

After (having become fluent)

Have: easy to make friends, easy to get a Japanese girlfriend, mad skills
Feel: happy, accomplished/pride, confidence, clarity (no confusion)
Average day: new world, able to understand people, signs, music, entertainment. Able to communicate with people. Have super fun experiences. Study is not endless. Can make Japanese people laugh.
Status: smart, cool, intelligent, super-human.


That is what is waiting for you, when you become fluent. It is a blast and worth every hour of work.


So, take your first step towards becoming a samurai master of Japanese and get your book now!

Best of luck to you!

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