Learning Japanese

Japanese for the Absolute Beginner

Whether you’re planning a trip to Japan and you want to get a working grasp of the language, or you’re just studying it and not intending to travel, our lessons will teach you in an intuitive an intelligent manner, focusing primarily on grammar and sentence structure so as to give you a command of the language and to be able to think with it, as opposed to robotically learning phrases with no understanding of what you’re memorizing. Read on >>

Kansai-ben Phrases

Its not enough just to learn how to speak Japanese. You’re going to want to speak with a certain level of friendliness or style; otherwise you’ll sound as dull as a doorknob.

The Japanese are typically reserved people. If you want to bring out the friendliness or fun in them you’ll have to make an effort to be interesting or friendly yourself. There are various ways this can be achieved.

One of them is to simply speak in a particular dialect of Japanese which is strongly associated with ‘warmth’ and ‘friendliness’. It is called the Kansai dialect, which is spoken in the ‘Kansai’ Region of Japan. It is synonymous with Osaka-ben. Read on >>

Kansai-ben Grammar

If you want to sound like a native of Kansai its gonna take a lot more than phrases and memorizing words. You have to get down to the grammar level and understand the sentance structure, in order to take Standard Japanese and translate it into Kansai-ben. Read on >>