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12 Essential Tips for Learning Japanese the Right Way

If you’re studying and there is a word you don’t understand it is going to prevent you from getting the complete ...Read me!

1 Thing that will make it impossible for you to learn Japanese

There are MANY things that are going to make it hard for you to learn Japanese, but ...Read me!

Asking someone out on a date in Japanese

This article is actually intended for male and female foreigners looking to ask out Japanese men or women on a date ...Read me!

How to learn Japanese without spending any money

It is possible for one to learn this super complex language without ever having spent a single dime ...Read me!

Future Tense in Japanese

Actually, English also does not have an actual ‘future tense’ we simply tack on ‘will’ before the verb ...Read me!

Dangerous Japanese Words

>Warning! Use of the following words may cause acute or chronic: crying, screaming, anger and may lead to seizures or psychotic breakdowns ...Read me!

How to say: I love you

In the West we use the word "love" with zero afterthought. "I love your shoes", "I loved that marinara" ...Read me!

How to talk like a samurai

Get ready to make some laughs. When a foreigner uses old, pre-1900 Japanese it is utterly hilarious. You will get a laugh out of 99% the time ...Read me!

Osaka Slang

Uh oh! I hope you"re ready for this! We are going to have some fun! Osaka-ben or Osaka Dialect is a super fun form of Japanese ...Read me!

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