Eibisu (Ebisu)

Whats Nearby:

Located South of Shibuya and just North of Meguro, Ebisu takes its place as one of the more quieter, quaint cities in Tokyo; comprised of mostly residences and light commercial zoning.

Ebisu is definitely one of the more greener cities, whereas in some areas it’s impossible to find a single tree, Eibisu's streets and environs liberally planted with foliage, giving a less urban and more relaxing feel.

Ebisu also offers some unique dining whether it be a French cafe, Hawaiian or an American Deli, there is much to choose from.

But as far as points of interest goes Eibisu only really has one spot, the Garden Place and a much less spectacular but nonetheless enjoyable Ebisu Square.

Ebisu Prime Square

A small complex consisting of the three structures, Prime Square City, Prime Square Plaza and the Tower; all very modern and crisp. The grounds are clean and neatly landscaped. However, there isn't much to do here other than have a seat on a bench in the square and watch the birds whilst you sip on a coffee.

Prime Square City

Ebisu Prime Square Plaza. You can find the following shops: Sharks Fin Chinese Restaurant

  • Arflex Shop Tokyo
  • Dexee Diner
  • Lawson
  • Konami Sports Club

Ebisu Prime Square Tower. You can find the following businesses:

  • Wind River
  • Alexion
  • Broad Brains
  • Sega Tos
  • Nature Lab
  • Kobe Clinic

Garden Place

A little slice of Europe, Ebisu Garden Place offers a unique experience found nowhere else in Tokyo. Numerous promenades with paving stone walkways lined with trees, cast iron and wood benches, 19th century architecture, spacious plazas, and even a Chateau, Ebisu Garden Place defines charming, all of which is of course neat and clean.


Aesthetics take the forefront in the Garden Place, with 16 unique sculptures peppered throughout the grounds (in mediums from stone to steel) you cannot walk very far without a new piece popping into view. From an abstract flying croissant to a classic nude bronze statue, the range of style is all encompassing.

Things to do

There is much to do at the Place, a brief rundown:

  • Beer Station
  • Yebisu Beer Museum
  • Mitsukoshi Shopping
  • Chateau Restaurant
  • Tsutaya (Japan's Barnes and Noble)
  • Tokyo Met Photography Museum
  • Yebisu View Tower
  • Mita oka no ue Park
  • Kusunoki Ave Promenade
  • Platanus Ave Promenade
  • Many shops and restaurants

Yebisu Beer Museum

Take a stroll down through the history of Japan's premier Beer producer Yebisu Beer. The museum is surprisingly posh and modern, with low lighting and dark rich color tones. It feels more like a hotel than a Museum. It is free; however there are a few areas that are 'tour only' and you must pay a fee to in order to gain access. The Museum features a tasting salon, and a showcase with the evolution of the companies’ ad campaigns through the years and other fun facts. And of course there is a museum shop gallery, and some secret facilities that only those on the tour can see.


Being that Euro is the theme of the Garden Place it is not surprising to find many European eateries available.

Smooch Smoothies

For delicious smoothies and ice cream stop by Smooch and prepare to be stunned and dumbfounded by their wide array of delicious and bizarre flavors. For example flavours like 'premium milk' make you do a double take, and ones like Black Sesame might make you cringe. But fear not, as not all the flavours are bizarre. Some of the more delicious ones include: Golden Mango and Strawberry Mille-feuille.


  • Raspberry and Fig
  • Strawberry and Apricot
  • Blueberry and Cassis
  • Berry and Berry
  • Golden Mango
  • Pineapple and Herb Ginger
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Banana and Peanut Butter
  • Black Sesame and Azuki
  • Acai and Berries
  • Fig Prune and Almond
  • Mango and Orange
  • Fruit Sangria

Ice Cream:

  • Strawberry Mille-feuille
  • Banana and Maple
  • Macha and Azuki
  • Raspberry and Belgian Chocolate
  • Premium Milk

Saint Germain Cafe

A Euro style bakery, featuring mostly breads and bread based pastries such as: pizzas, cream cheese cherry Danishes, croissants etc etc.


For a taste of a Euro style cafe, check out Benugo and peruse their wide selection of paninis, sandwiches, coffees and teas.

Buco di Muro

For gourmet over priced Italian food the Buco di Muro has got you covered.

How to get to Ebisu

Yamanote Line Ebisu Station. Take the covered sky walk that links right inside the station to the very front of the Garden Place. The walk takes about 10 minutes.

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