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Designer Vintage Bags for $3!?

They're called 'Recycle Shops' or as Aussies would call 'Op shops', and they are a vintage and fashion lovers paradise. ...Read me!

Free Train Tickets!?

I bet you have NEVER heard of this, ever! That’s right! You can ride some trains for free in Japan! Is it illegal? Maybe! ...Read me!

$10 Hotels??? Oh my God!

They are called ‘doya’. Basically it is a slum hotel. You only get one little room, and it is old and might smell bad. There is no bathroom. You must leave your room and go to a shared bathroom/toilet/shower area. It is basically a small room the size of 3 tatami mats ...Read me!

50% off at the grocery store!?

The Japanese grocery has so much delicious food right? If it is a big store like Seiyu or Heiwado or even Aeon they will have their own kitchen and they will make tasty food, already prepared ...Read me!

Cheap Sleep! Karaoke Time!

If you read our other article about Doya, you know that you can sleep in a slum hotel in the ghetto for only 1000 yen! Yeah! But maybe you don’t want to sleep in the slums and risk getting ...Read me!

Cheap Sleep: Manga Café!

Not in the mood to sleep in a Doya or a Karaoke room? And you don’t have 3000 yen for a capsule hotel? Don’t worry! We have a plan! ...Read me!

Used Train Tickets

Many foreigners are not even aware of this huge and amazing big secret for traveling in Japan. The Japanese people are of course aware of it however! ...Read me!

Osaka for $10

You've got one day in Osaka, and 10 bucks? We have got your funs. Coming soon >>

Tokyo for $10

You've got one day in Tokyo, and 10 bucks? We have got your funs. Coming soon >>

Kyoto for $10

You've got one day in Kyoto, and 10 bucks? We have got your funs. Coming soon >>

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