Living in Japan

Japan is not setup to be inhabited by anyone other than the Japanese. Therefore any foreigner who takes residence will find himself beset with various challenges most of them being language based. Tourists won’t find this much of a problem as their needs are easily met, but for those who are going to stick around be prepared for some excitement.


If living in Japan at some point you will want to replenish your raiment, and rightly so, Japan has some of the coolest and fashionable clothing you can find. Read on...


If you’re living in Japan and want to keep life from becoming too hum-drum, you’ll want to indulge yourself in the country’s rich entertainment offerings, which span from Karaoke to Kabuki. Read on ...

Home Goods

If you’re moving to Japan and you’re getting your own home or apartment you’re in for a good measure of culture shock, especially if you grew up in the US or Canada. Read on..


Like everything else in Japan, the point of food has its pluses and minuses. One minus in particular is the stark difference of foodstuffs in the food stores, foods are literally foreign. Cuts of meat you’ve never seen before, strange looking vegetables, yellow kiwis. And some foods are just completely absent! Read on...


Buyer Beware! As there is indeed a market for foreigners looking for apartments in Japan; to cater to this market unscrupulous landlords have made websites in english (as foreigners will be googling ‘rent osaka apartment’ in english) which have the WORST pricing and are exorbitant and plain ridiculous. It is recommended that one gets a friend in Japan to search for apartments for him, and then show him the results. You’ll find apartments for much cheaper. Read on...


As daunting as it may be you’ll eventually have take care of the bod, and with the language barrier that presents a challenge; whether it be a simple hair cut or more serious matters such as dental work. Read on...


Although Japan is one of the safest countries in the world there are a few things one should be aware of in order to stay out of danger. One could in actual fact know nothing of these advices and be completely fine, it is that safe. Read on...


While getting around in Japan may seem to be a bewildering and overwhelming feat, the only real problem is the language barrier. The country itself has world class public transportation which will spoil you in very short order. Read on...



For those producing income in Japan, it behooves you well to know the laws of the land so you can stay in good with the government, lest you be deported and barred from entry for ten years!

Teaching in Japan

To foreigners, getting a job in Japan is usually means teaching English, while certainly it is not limited to just that, it is the obvious choice. There is always a high demand for English teachers and tutors.

Working in Japan

If you think you can just pack your bags, fly into Narita Airport and get a job in Tokyo you are sorely mistaken. It is almost has hard to get a job in Japan as it is in the USA. Read on...


Depending on what you want to do in Japan you will need a visa (save for if you just want to see the sights, in which case you will get an automatic 90 day tourist visa) Read on...

Studying in Japan

For those who want to learn the Japanese language what better way to do so than to go to the country itself and immerse yourself in the culture. It is by far the best way to learn the language, but there are some obstacles in your way.


If one is just visiting, money will be a cut and dry subject, however for those who have a visa for a longer stay and will be generating income things become more complex. But fear not there are usually English speaking bank clerks you can help you with your financial needs. Read on...


Cell Phones

Generally, Japanese cell phones are two years ahead of their American counterparts. (save for things like the iPhone which are not domestic). However as for foreigners, with all the innovations and advances, they are useless unless they are in English. Read on...


Mailing is a pretty painless process in Japan, however English speaking mail clerks are few and far between, so you will have to know the process and general idea before hand. Read on...


The Japan is certainly not as liberal and generous with Free Wifi as other parts of the world are, however that is slowly changing in time. And it may surprise you to discover that many of the older Japanese apartments do not even have an internet line, you have to have the company come out to set you up. Read on...


Possibly the most confusing subjects in Japan for foreigners is the phone call, be it local or international, things are sufficiently different as to bewilder one utterly.


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