What to Eat in Tokyo

Just the mention of the word “Japan” or “Tokyo” conjures images of that world famous little morsel known as sushi. But does Japan have more to offer than fish rolled in rice and seaweed? You bet it does. Sushi, sashimi and ramen are only the tip of the ice burg.

Tokyo has brilliant fast food, street food, gourmet and international cuisine as well, while you’re in the city of the rising sun be sure to avail yourself of all cuisine they have to offer. (but steer clear from Japanese Pizza, you’ll be glad you listened to us)

Fast Food

Sure you can find Mickey D’s and the BK lounge in Tokyo but why in the name of Moses would you want to be so banal? Why not try some Japanese Fast food at fine establishments like Lotteria, Mosburger, Sukiya etc etc. Read more...

Street Food

Arguably the best food you’ll eat in Japan will be street food, not in snooty exclusive five star restaurant where people are paying for an ‘experience’ rather than actual food.

Fast, fresh, simple, authentic and affordable, you’re going to like Japanese street food. Read more...


For food a little more complicated and involved you’ll have to dine in. Dishes such as sushi, shabu shabu and tempura require more time to prepare and are not typically served on the street.

Although this kind of food is typically expensive it is an important part of the Japanese Experience and should not be overlooked. We’re not saying you should buy the $300 watermelons but should at least try the $20 sushi! Read More...


For the moment when you need some comfort food or are just tired of the Asian fare you can always partake in some Italian, Indian or other international cuisines in Tokyo.

However if you expect more than ‘ketchup salsa’ for your burrito you’d better be ready to spend a few bucks. As good international food in Tokyo is not cheap. Read more...

Must Eats

Street food, gourmet or not there are some things you just HAVE to eat if you’re in Tokyo. These are the Must Eats and we’re going to tell you all about it. Read more...

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