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Who is Japanimal for?

We’re not for everyone...

1) People who are interested in Japan, the culture & the language

2) People who are traveling in Japan & want to get the most out of their trip

If that’s not you then please GTFO!


Why Japaninal?

Other websites are holding out on you...

We’ll tell you what you should see, what you should avoid. What’s weird and what’s awesome. How you can save the most money. The good, bad & the ugly. We’re your honest survival guide for Japan.


How Does it Work?

We have three sections:

1) On the Cheap - clever ways on how to save tons of money when in traveling Japan

2) Speak Proper Japanese - You’ll learn how the Japanese actually talk, including slang, etc.

3) Real Japanese Culture - all of the culture: good, bad, hidden, weird.

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