Fukuoka Travel Guide

Fukuoka serves as the hub for the far West of Japan, being the largest city west of Osaka and is the center of civilization in Kyushu. The fact that the city is just a quick ferry ride away from neighboring South Korea has made it a popular destination for travelers coming from other parts of Asia, including China, Taiwan and Korea.

The city itself has gained a reputation for having lots of open clean space, with a considerable amount of greenery. Fukuoka is home to one of the largest Ferris Wheels in the world as well Japan’s much loved Tonkotsu Ramen, where you can find in abundance.


Fukuoka Restaurants & Food [VIEW ALL]
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Hanamidori (Hakata Ekimae)

3-23-17 Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku | ON Bdg 1F, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0011 , Japan
+81 92-432-1801

Just outside the Hakata station (about two minutes by foot) is local restaurant Hanamidori, serving up a local favorite: Mizutaki.

Mizutaki, a native dish of Hakata consists of a home made secret chicken soup, filled with veggies. Mizutaki is accompanied with pieces of chicken and ponzu dipping sauce (deep and sour).

The prices of the set meal varies, with the entry level being 3200yen each and up as far as 5200yen.

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2-1 Kamikawabatamachi, Hakataku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0026, Japan
+81 92-291-6465

Located just outside the South side of the Kushida Shrine you'll find a little inconspicuous udon shop. This place is the real deal and not a tourist spot, a local udon shop popular with the locals but unknown to foreigners.

All of the udon variants are good, which ever you end up choosing, make sure you get some slices of beef thrown in.

Karonron also has the rare bonus of having a fluent English-speaking chef! So you can find out exactly what they have and what you want!

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Fukuoka Sightseeing & Attractions [VIEW ALL]
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Shofukuji Temple

While it may not look it, the Shofukuji Temple has the distinction of being the very first Zen Temple to be founded in Japan. This is not to be confused with the first Buddhist temple to be founded in Japan (Shitennoji Temple, Osaka, 593), as Buddhism was introduced in the 500s.

Unfortunately visitors are not allowed to enter the temple, however they are permitted to promenade around the grounds.

The complex features many structures, which have been destroyed and rebuilt over time. Being mostly covered over head by trees the complex has a very quiet, peaceful and earthy atmosphere.


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Momochi Seaside Park

Like Kobe and Yokohama, the seaside town of Fukuoka also has a spacious, modern and quasai-futuristic harbor area. The distinguishing feature of the Momochi Park and the also the defining feature of Fukuoka’s Skyline is the sharp looking Fukuoka Tower, where visitors can ascend and then for a few bucks look out from the observatory for a panorama of the city.

Aside from the Tower the park hosts an abundance of shopping, entertainment and eating. So put on your walking shoes and grab some yen.

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Fukuoka Hotels & Accommodations [VIEW ALL]
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Dormy Inn Hakata Gion

1-12 Reisenmachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0039, Japan (Hakata Station, Nakasu Kawabata Station, Gion Station)
+81 92-271-5489

Half a mile North West of JR at Gion Station stands the hip and affordable Dormy Inn. Its location is ideal, putting it in the center of the city. As with its other branch locations the rooms are small, clean and modern, but not too stylish.

A noteworthy amenity of the Dormy is their own Onsen and Shiatsu massage facility, something which weary travelers would delight in, especially after the long train trip in. Other bonuses include an impressive and satisfying continental breakfast.

Single Occupant: $90
Double Occupant: $130


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Hotel Active Hakata

3-20-16 Hakataekimae, Hakataku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0011, Japan (Hakata Station, Gion Station)
+81 92-452-0001

West of Hakata Station, 5 minutes by foot stands the very hip and surprisingly affordable Active! Hotel Hakata. Like its cousin in Nagasaki, the Active! chain are known for their small yet very stylish interiors and dirt cheap room rates. The Hakata branch is no exception. Coupled with its central location it becomes possibly the best choice for accommodations in Fukuoka. Other bonuses include a delicious and complementary breakfast.

The only downside foreigners will find in the Active are the rather small hotel rooms, this is normal in Japan however.

Single Occupant: $80
Double Occupant: $110


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Train from Tokyo to Fukuoka (Hakata Station)

Depart from Tokyo Station via the Shinkansen NOZOMI 61, bound for Hakata Station.

Time: 306 minutes
Cost: 22,120 yen

Train from Osaka to Fukuoka (Hakata Station)

Step 1
Depart from Osaka Station (Umeda), via the JR Special Rapid Service bound for Shin-Osaka Station
Time: 3min

Step 2
Arrive at Shin-Osaka Station and transfer to the Shinkansen NOZOMI 477, bound for Hakata Station.

Total time: 163 min
Total cost: 14,690 yen