Fukuoka Sightseeing & Attractions
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Shofukuji Temple

While it may not look it, the Shofukuji Temple has the distinction of being the very first Zen Temple to be founded in Japan. This is not to be confused with the first Buddhist temple to be founded in Japan (Shitennoji Temple, Osaka, 593), as Buddhism was introduced in the 500s.

Unfortunately visitors are not allowed to enter the temple, however they are permitted to promenade around the grounds.

The complex features many structures, which have been destroyed and rebuilt over time. Being mostly covered over head by trees the complex has a very quiet, peaceful and earthy atmosphere.


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Momochi Seaside Park

Like Kobe and Yokohama, the seaside town of Fukuoka also has a spacious, modern and quasai-futuristic harbor area. The distinguishing feature of the Momochi Park and the also the defining feature of Fukuoka’s Skyline is the sharp looking Fukuoka Tower, where visitors can ascend and then for a few bucks look out from the observatory for a panorama of the city.

Aside from the Tower the park hosts an abundance of shopping, entertainment and eating. So put on your walking shoes and grab some yen.

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Canal City

Similar to the likes of Roppongi Hills (albeit quite larger than it) Canal City is a shoppers complex, designed to prevent you from escaping, and keep you enamored in shopping, eating (there is a superfluity of ramen shops for those who just can’t get enough) and just having a gay old time.

The complex is located directly West of Hakata JR, about half a mile.


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Fukuoka Castle Ruins

After you had enough shopping, shopping, shopping and ramen, ramen, ramen, you may enjoy a stroll (if your feet are capable of supporting you) through what remains of Fukuoka’s great castle. Formerly one of the great castles of Japan, it was recently destroyed during the Meiji Period (1868 0- 1912), when everything of old feudal Japan was done away with and or destroyed.

All that remains are the stone turrets and motes, and of course the cherry blossom trees which make for fantastic viewing in March/April.

To find the ruins hop on the subway and disembark at Ohorikoen Subway Station, you will find the ruins directly to the South of the station.

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