Whats Nearby:

If you're in the Area of Asakusa or Sensoji Temple then you must must must cross over the Sumida River (which is just at the edge of the Shin Nakamise Shops) and marvel at the bizarre skyline that is Sumida.

Locals refer to it as "poo" (which was not at all the intention of the designers, hopping that people would perceive it as a flame, and never in a million years fecal matter) however it most definitely isn't and there happens to be an old story behind this symbol.

Sumida also offers a front view of the new Tokyo Tower (Skytree), which dwarfs the current Tokyo Tower.

Flamme D'or - Asahi Beer Hall

Designed to look like a tall frothy glass of beer, this strange albeit entertaining building completed construction in 1989. The gold cloud is supposed to represent fire, however locals refer to it as "poo". The real story of the significance behind the golden cloud lies in an old story.

Water Bus

One of the unique ways of touring Tokyo is taking the Water Bus. There is an entire fleet, including several different kinds of boats but the one that will knock your socks off is the James Bond looking quasai hover craft boat, named 'Himiko'. One look at it and you'll swear you've seen it in one of Pierce Brosnan's Bond films. The water bus will take you from Asakusa all the way to Odaiba, of course stopping at several points between, Sumida for example.

New Tokyo Tower - Sky Tree

With the goal of total Digital Broadcast coverage of Tokyo, the Tokyo Tower simply wasn't tall enough, so as a result in 2008 construction began on the new Tokyo Tower, the Sky Tree. It was completed in May 2012 and reaches a soaring 2,080 ft, almost twice the size of Tokyo Tower (1091 feet). Being the tallest man-made structure in Japan, it will take its place next to other super skyscrapers in the world, such as the Dubai Burj Khalifa and the Taipei 101.

How to get to Sumida

Ginza line from Ueno to Asakusa and take the bridge accross the Sumida river. Once on the Bridge, you'll immediately see the Sumida Skyline. The walk is only three minutes from Asakusa Station.

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