While not a city in Tokyo or even in the same prefecture, Yokohama is still considered part of the "Tokyo Experience".

Yokohama is Japan's second largest city (45 minutes away from Tokyo by train) and has all the usual metropolitan elements as well as many of its own features, giving it a distinct personality and clearly differentiating itself from Tokyo.

Yokohama's downtown is arguably the most walkable area in all of Japan, as if it was built for scenic promenades. In light of this we have provided via MSN Bing Maps, a fantastic 2.5 mile walk through the downtown. Starting at the Marine Tower, just outside of Chinatown, all the way down the harbor, past Yamashita park to the Shinko-cho Red Brick Warehouse shopping area, and then to Minato Mirai 21, through the lake via the causeway and right up to the Landmark Tower, and then ending at the JR Bashamichi station.

Exploring Yokohama

Yokohama Chinatown

The Journey starts off in Chinatown, being Japan's largest it is a popular attraction. However aside from the vibrant and glimmering Chinatown Gates, the Panda Hello Kitties, the beautiful Kanteibyo Temple and a few other very 'Chinese' buildings there isn't a whole lot happening, in fact without the Gates one might not even know they were in a Chinatown, as it just blends in with the rest of the city. But by all means do explore as it is still good fun.

Yokohama Marine Tower

Exiting Chinatown from the North East you will find yourself along the cost of Tokyo Bay and directly in front of the futuristic Marine Tower, the world's tallest lighthouse. Far more impressive at night, the tower lights up creating a fantastic effect, resembling something like the Seattle Space Needle or some such Sci Fi'ery. The tower does have an observation deck from which visitors can view a terrific panorama of the area, seeing the downtown as well as Mt. Fuji-san.

Hikawa Maru

Permanently berthed in Yokohama since 1961 the Hikawa Maru now has now been fully restored and is now a fully operational museum.

Yamashita Park

Just in front of the Marine Tower is the delightful Yamashita Park which boarders on the Bay, giving a fantastic view. For nearly a mile the Bay Walk goes from the Yamashita Park all the way to the Shinko-cho island. This is a favourite spot for couples to sit, look out and enjoy the tremendous spaciousness and cool ocean breeze.

Akarenga Soko (Red Brick Warehouse)

One of the most unique shopping experiences in Yokohama is the Akarenga Soko . With trendy shopping and dining housed inside this converted warehouse from the turn of the century it has an unmistakable and unforgettable feel.

Yokohama Cosmo World

Visible from miles away as part of the downtown skyline, the Yokohama Cosmo Clock ferris wheel is the main feature of this amusement park. Aside from the ferris wheel and roller coster, the indoor entertainment includes various arcade games including tamborines, taiko drums, frisbees and more.

Minato Mirai 21

Home to Japan's tallest building the Landmark Tower, and a whole slew of high end hotels the Minato Mirai comprises most of Yokohama's skyline.

Yokohama Landmark Tower

Not only is it Japan's tallest building, but it’s also has the world's second fastest elevators (#1 being Taipei's 101 Tower). So fast that your ears will pop, therefore earplugs are readily available for guests. The Landmark Tower also has the highest observation deck in the country, providing an un-paralleled view of Japan. The top section of the Tower is a five-star hotel, while the lower half are offices.

How to get to Yokohama

JR Rapid Service Shonan Shinjuku Line to Yokohama Station. Transfer to the Minatomirai Line and get off at Bashamichi Station. This puts you right at the Landmark Tower.

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