Takayama Travel Guide


Off the beaten path and nestled in the Japanese Alps, this small town has spent the last three hundred years going about its business and maintaining its traditions. Takayama effectively retains the old world charm and architecture which is most seen in its shopping markets.

The area is known for its exceptional craft works, from pottery to carpentry, with rumor that the carpenters of Takayama served at the Imperial Palace in Kyoto.

Takayama’s superfluity of authenticity makes it a favorite for travelers.



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Hida Chuka

Considered by locals as the quintessential ‘Taste of Takayama’, this soup is a potent but simple soy flavor accompanied by Chinese noodles.

Places where you can get your Hida Chuka on:


Mitarashi Dango

While you can get Mitarashi Dango at any convenience store in Japan, it would well behoove you to try a sampling of the Takayama take on these scorched balls of rice dough.

Shops where you can get the Mitarashi hook up:


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With the last several hundred years of culture and buildings perfectly preserved you can imagine the abundance of good ol’ traditional Japan experiences that would abound in Takayama, whether its at ‘old town’ in the center of the city or Shirakawa village out in the boonies.

Old Town

Old Town is in the center of Takayama city, and is a time portal 400 years back into the Edo Period of Japan (Edo Jidai). There are only a few districts in Japan left that still perfectly preserve the Edo Period and this is one of them.

You’ll find private homes turned museums, sake breweries, old shops, inns, restaurants and more.

The district is directly East of the JR Takayama station, on the East side of the Miyagawa River.

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Hida Folk Village

Only a 30 minute walk or 10 minutes by bus you’ll find the amazing open air museum that is the Hida Folk Village. It consists of over twenty farm houses and buildings which are unmistakable by their very steep and high roofs. It is the only area in Japan where you can find such buildings (save for Shirakawa-go where these buildings originated from). The exhibits are a must see.

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Hotel Associa Takayama Resort

1134 Echigocho, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-0033, Japan
+81 577-36-0001

As one of the highest rated hotels n Takayama the Associa does not disappoint.

Single bedrooms come in very affordably at about $130, and continue to as high as $400 for doubles and $900 for the suite. The rooms are in the Classic Western style, however there are Traditional Japanese rooms if one wishes to do as the Romans do.

The most raved about features of the hotel is the spa (hot springs baths) which the hotel spent eight months and 7,000,000 USD to create.

Single Occupant: $130 USD
Double Occupant: $190 USD


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Hida Hotel Plaza

2-60 Hanaokacho, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-0009, Japan
+81 577-33-4600

Comparable to the Associa in style & grandeur what the Plaza lacks in the way of stunning spas it makes up with a very convenient 10 minute walk from JR Takayama Station (while the Associa is a mile and a half south of the station)

Other noteworthy features of the hotel include an assortment of ‘themed rooms’ which include:

Euro Style Room
Spirit of the Forest
Enku (Japanese characteristic elegance)
European Antique
European antique by Japanese style
Hollywood Room

Single Occupant: $180
Double Occupant: $260


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Takayama is easily accessible via train from either side of Japan (Osaka, Tokyo). However the fair is quite dear, from around $150 to $200 one way. For those traveling on a budget the highway bus is an excellent solution, with round trips costing $130 USD.

For those looking for package deals there is a 2 day round trip (Shinkansen) & one night accommodation package available for about $400 USD, for those departing from Tokyo.

Train from Tokyo

Step 1
Depart from Tokyo Station, for Nagoya Station via the Shinkansen NOZOMI 265 (101min)

Time: 101 minutes
Cost: 10,780 yen

Step 2
Depart from Nagoya Station for Takayama Station, via the Limited Express HIDA 1 (Wide View) (136 min)

Time: 136 minutes
Cost: 5,870 yen

Train from Osaka

Step 1
Depart from Osaka Station (Umeda) for Shin-Osaka Station via the JR Kyoto Local Line (4 min)
Transfer at Shin-Osaka station to the Shinkansen NOZOMI 412
Take the NOZOMI 412 to Nagoya (51 min)

Time: 66 minutes
Cost: 6,380 yen

Step 2
Depart from Nagoya Station for Takayama Station, via the Limited Express HIDA 1 (Wide View) (136 min)

Time: 136 minutes
Cost: 5,870 yen