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Hida Chuka

Considered by locals as the quintessential ‘Taste of Takayama’, this soup is a potent but simple soy flavor accompanied by Chinese noodles.

Places where you can get your Hida Chuka on:


Mitarashi Dango

While you can get Mitarashi Dango at any convenience store in Japan, it would well behoove you to try a sampling of the Takayama take on these scorched balls of rice dough.

Shops where you can get the Mitarashi hook up:


Hida Soba : Local buckwheat noodles

Heavily boasted by the locals is the fact that they are capable of ‘high altitude farming’, which creates a special deliciousness otherwise impossible. This is true of their local soba for which the buckwheat is grown in the cool highland fields. You have to taste it yourself.

Hida Soba Shops:


Hoba Miso

A local favorite, this dish is prepared by laying a magnolia leave over a charcoal stove, and roasting an assortment of miso, onions, mushrooms and other veggies.

Hoba Miso vendors:



A simple and unassuming yet refreshing dish, Tsukemono are simply picked veggies, in an assortment, such as tomatoes, turnips, pickles etc.

Find out where to get your pickles:


Koureichi Yasai

The cream of the crop that rises to the top: “High Altitude Veggies”, the pride of Takayama! Don’t miss out on a chance to try out these veggies and see if you notice any difference in the taste. Some say they are sweeter because of the extreme temperature difference between day and night (which increases the sugar levels). Favorites include tomatoes and spinach.

Where to get them:



As stated previously, the high altitude makes for a higher sugar content in produce. Therefore fruits would be the obvious choice for sampling. The pride of Takayama fruits include Hida Apple and Hida Peach.

Where to find the flying fruits:

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