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Ameya Yokocho Market

Northern Tokyo’s biggest district, Ueno is labeled the ‘artsy’ part of Tokyo. Boasting over 9 museums and other alike institutions all with in walking distance of each other, and of which are all contained in the vast Ueno Park.

Ameya Yokocho

Ueno also offers an exciting market experience: Ameya Yokocho, which means “Candy Store Alley” Which is now a misnomer as there is no candy to be found in the claustrophobic alleys of Ameya Yokocho

However, don't let that disappoint you. There is plenty to see and many different types of shops and foods. The market certainly isn't a quiet place, you will here vendors yelling into the streets, hopping to make eye contact and reel in easily suggestible customers. Yelling things like: “oishii da yo!” which means: It’s delicious! Read More...

Ueno Imperial Park

In all honesty aside from Ameya Yokocho the only thing really worth seeing in Ueno is Ueno Park. Now don’t think that it is just a park, the park is vast and has in it more than you’d imagine. If Ueno Park could be summed up in just one word it would be 'art'. It is the heart of Tokyo's art scene, with over 9 museums and academies in an area of roughly .35 square miles. But there is much more than just museums Read More...

Outside Ueno Park

On the steps and just outside Ueno Park you will find vendors selling their merchandise or services under the beating sun, anything from fortune telling, trinkets or calligraphy scrolls. In fact there is usually a monk set up on the steps with displays of his work, raising money for his Temple, at a low cost this is a great opportunity to acquire some real Japanese memorabilia.

Yodobashi Camera

Located between Ameya Yokocho and Ueno Park, is the massive Yodobashi electronics store. With several floors of cameras, video recording, TV's, video games, etc etc. There are many branches throughout Tokyo (the biggest being in Akihabara, which is several times the size of the Ueno branch)


Japan's own Barnes and Noble, Tsutaya offers: Movies, Books and Music. However the one thing smaller shops are usually missing is a cafe. (Shibuya's Tsutaya has a great cafe and star bucks).

Sweets Paradise

Just after Yodobashi, you'll come across this very pink little corner shop. Here they sell the Japanese Crepe. Essentially a French Crepe with ice cream or whip cream and fruit rolled into a cone, then wrapped in cute pink wrapping paper. Popular with the girls, you won’t see men eating these unless of course they are on a date.

How to get to Ueno

Yamanote Line, Ueno Station.

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