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Located near Tokyo Station in central Tokyo, Ginza is the cities' high end/posh shopping district. It is spacious and mostly clean and is a sort of continuation of the nearby Marunouchi district. Ginza is best visited during the evening, when the streets light up and dazzling neon signs transform the cityscape.

You won't find anything other than shopping in Ginza. If you're not a shopper there is still some stunning architecture that is a must to see.

Ginza is so posh that even its 7/11’s are completely redesigned in that image. No tacky orange and green stripes on these storefronts, oh no. However it is rather ironic that the posh of Ginza does not completely pervade. For example, along the train tracks that run through, you can find the most run down dives in Tokyo, just across the street from models of modern architecture.

Mullion Building

Unmistakable and massive, this building houses the Hankyu and Seibu shopping malls. Above the front entrance hangs a giant Seiko time piece, over 7 feet in diameter. Additionally the Mullion Building conveniently houses a movie theater, playing the latest films from Hollywood.

Sony Ginza Building

For a break from all the posh shops, check out the Ginza Sony Showroom. Five winding labyrinth like floors of cutting edge gadgets. Many of them are available for you to fool around with and test. For example, 3D televisions with visors, latest compact laptops, video cameras, etc etc.

Ginza Mitsukoshi

Not only is this a tremendous shopping mall, but it has an enormous food court below its first floor. But the word food court doesn't do it justice and has the wrong connotations. It is more of an upscale market, complete with restaurants, a deli, produce and scores of snack & dessert kiosks, many of them cooking the food right on the spot.

Wako Department Store

This finely preserved slice of the 19th century provides a nice contrast to the rows of glowing neon streets.

Mikimoto Building

Possibly the most interesting building in all of Ginza, the Mikimoto Buildings’ windows are like no other, its hard not to just stop and stare at them.

How to get to Ginza

JR Yamanote Line – Yurakucho Station.

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