Tokyo Tower

Whats Nearby:
Downtown Tokyo

Soaring 1,091 ft above ground is the Tokyo Tower. Painted bright international orange with white stripes, the Tokyo tower stands out like a beacon and can be viewed from many remote parts of the Tokyo, popping in where you least expect it. As impressive as it looks during the day, it is pale in comparison to the brilliance and glow when the sky has turned to black and the lighting switches on.

It is in fact a replica of the Paris Eifel Tower, but almost half the weight (being built with light-weight steel) The tower offers two different observatories: Main Observatory 150 meters up (cost: $8.00USD), and the Special Observatory 250 meters up (cost: $18.00USD).

The Main Observatory is more than adequate for capturing a breath-taking panorama of Tokyo. All throughout the Observatory there are computer consoles which show a digital image of that view, complete with labels for all major buildings and districts.

The ascent begins with stepping into the express elevator, or more aptly a time machine, as the vibrant lighting will have you think you're going back to the future, or at the very least inside a disco.

Not only does the Main Observatory have a fantastic 360* view, it also has a second floor with a cafe & live music, of course the cafe has a view to kill for.

Best time to go

Get the most bang out of your buck and go to Tokyo Tower when the view is the most spectacular. For viewing the exterior of the tower the best time is either early morning as the Sun is rising, late afternoon around dusk, and finally at night when the sky is black. For viewing the city from the Observatory, obviously any time is good while there's still sun light. The suggested program is to arrive at the tower 1hr before sunset, in order to view the Tower's exterior whilst bathing in the golden late afternoon sunlight. Then ascend the tower to view the city from the Observatory. Next spend some time in Foot Town, checking out the various features and places to eat. Then finally by the time you're done it should be dark out and you can have a chance to view the exterior glowing in the darkness.

Foot Town

At the base of Tokyo tower is five floors of gift shops, restaurants, and various attractions. Some of the attractions include:

  • Noppon's Magical Dragon (for the kids)
  • Noppon Land (for the kids)
  • Tokyo Tower Wax Museum
  • Guiness World Records Museum
  • Aquarimu Gallery

Its surprisingly large, one could easily spend a couple hours checking it all out.

Zoujouji Temple

Just north of the Tokyo Tower is the Zoujouji Temple, spacious and very old.

Tokyo Prince Hotel

A modern Hotel designed in the traditional style, its easy to mistake as part of the nearby Zoujouji Temple.

How to get there

There are three different subways you can take to get to the general vicinity of the Tower.

Hibiya Line Kamiyacho Station

Oedo Line Akabanebashi Station

Mita Line Onarimon Station (This station puts you right in the grounds of the Zoujouji Temple, and provides for a nice walk)

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