Cheap Sleep! Karaoke Time!

Missed the last train home while at Karaoke, no problem!
July 3, 2016, written by Michiko

Hai hai! I’m Michiko!

If you read our other article about Doya, you know that you can sleep in a slum hotel in the ghetto for only 1000 yen! Yeah! But maybe you don’t want to sleep in the slums and risk getting mugged or raped! (Probably would not happen).

Maybe you want some other options?

Ok! Michiko’s got your options.

Today I want to tell you about sleeping in Karaoke rooms to save money!

How much?

Karaoke is usually about 600-1000 yen per hour per person.

But wait Michiko! If It is 1000 an hour and I sleep there for 7 hours that is 7000 yen!

No!!! It doesn’t work like that!

Starting at a certain time at night (let’s say 10pm or 11pm), there are ‘all night’ karaoke packages! Starting from when you enter to maybe 7am or so. The cost is anywhere from 1500 to 2000 yen.

How does it work?

So, you could go, at 11pm by yourself, (which is when the all night packages are available), and go to your karaoke room, and have with you a pillow and blanket in your backpack, and put in ear plugs and go to bed! Of course, it will not be the most comfortable sleep, but the seating is relatively soft, and if you bring your own pillow and blanket it should be ok!

The only problem is it will be pretty loud! So you’ll need ear plugs, but even then you will hear the noise and not be able to block it out completely.

There is full control of temperature so you can adjust it to your liking. You can also turn off your own Karaoke machine, so there is no noise in your room.

Is it ok?

Yeah! But don’t tell the staff! As long as you don’t take a girl or boy in there and have sex, it will be ok! (they don’t like it when you use the karaoke box for sex time, ok?). But don’t advertise that you are doing it, keep your pillow and blanket in your backpack and don’t go there dressed in a bathrobe.


This is a great option if you are out late in a city far from home and you have missed the last train home, and you don’t want to spend 7000 yen at a hotel!

This article was written by Michiko and Translated by Cameron

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