Meet Cameron

Hi, my name is Cameron, age 26, I’m American and I’ve been studying Japanese since 2008. At that time, English was the ONLY language I knew. I had ZERO experience with foreign language.

For me, studying Japanese was a total absolute nightmare. I didn’t have a clue where to start.

Everything was confusing.

I tried EVERY possible method of learning Japanese (short of going to college, which is a TOTAL waste of time, I’ll save that story for another time), and I couldn’t find anything that was at my level (zero), and gave me just what I needed, step by step.

Eventually after years of quitting and re-starting I got up to a good intermediate level, and then I began teaching Japanese people (in Japan) how to speak English.And that is when it hit me, and I realized how people need to be learning & studying.

Basics were missing. Crucial data and fundamentals were glossed over (because ‘everyone knows that already’). Therefore, on this shaky foundation, people (Japanese and Americans) are having a very hard time learning each other’s languages. They’re trying to drive a car without knowing how to use their hands & feet.

I now know what these basics are (after years, from all my hard work and sweat), and after years of learning and teaching, I know in what sequence to teach them.

And I’m serving it up to you, so you don’t have to make those same mistakes.

I also like to keep it fun by teaching slang and other goodies.

I hope you enjoy.

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