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Atsuta Horaiken Matsuzakayaten

Score some local fair at the Horaiken. The signature dish is the premium ‘unagi’ set which comes in at around 3,000 yen. Unagi means ‘fresh water eel’ and is a component in a traditional Japanese dish: Hitsumabushi (broiled eel in BBQ sauce) which Atsuta is known for.

This is a well known tourist spot so the lines are always over-whelming. Is it worth all the hype? You’ll have to find out and see for yourself. You should know however that there are many other places to get some fresh water eel in Nagoya.

3-16-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-0008, Japan

+81 52-264-3825

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Perhaps Nagoya’s most famous signature dish is ‘miso tonkatsu’, where they take standard tonkatsu but dip it in totally wicked spicy miso sauce and serve it up with cabbage and various sides. This dish comes highly recommended and although you can get it in many locations throughout the region the most famous (and most congested of course) is the Yabaton - restaurant next to the Yabacho subway station which serves as the region example of miso tonkatsu.

The life-changing signature dish will cost around $18 USD.

3 6-18 Osu, Nakaku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-0011, Japan

+81 52-252-8810

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Sekai no yamachan

Although it is uncertain why, Nagoya happens to be well known for its take on chicken wings, marinating them in various Japanese sauces and then deep frying them. It is called tebasaki. Perhaps over-hyped is Nagoya’s most famous tebasaki vendor: Sekai no Yamachan, or just plain ‘yama-chan’.

How good are they? You must taste it to find out! A plate of wings will cost you about $10 USD, and as always be prepared for a wait.

1-22-24 Shinsakae
Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan

+81 52-222-7102

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A popular local eatery, Suzunami is a small chain which operates throughout Nagoya. Their specialty is grilled fish, which is crispy on the outside and smooth in the inside. The set costs around $13 USD, which isn't too bad. The only thing to worry about is the sizable line which always seems to be there.

3-7-23 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-0008 , Japan

+81 52-261-1300

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Yamamotoya Honten

Nagoya abounds with unique local cuisine. Next stop is Yamamotoya for some totally bitchin’ Miso Nikomi (Broiled Miso with Udon). Visitors be warned, this miso’s already potent taste is strengthened by its additional broiling thus making a real party in your mouth kinda experience. You can pimp out your udon with various toppings including but not limited to Tempura and Tonkatsu.

2-14-5 Sakae, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-0008 , Japan

+81 52-201-4082

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