Japanese Culture

Regarded as one of the most mystifying cultures in the world, Japan is rich in eccentricity, tradition, sensibilities, and complex mores which have been evolving for the past thousand years. From how to deal with confrontation, to expressing ones feelings these mores are found in every facet of life, guiding the entire country.

Aside from abstruse mores Japanese culture is synonymous with beauty and cleanliness. Music, architecture, fashion, theater, philosophy and the other humanities are all represented resplendently.


Some of them funny, some of them just plain odd, the country of Japan has a superfluity of social customs and etiquette. It is beyond the scope of this writing to expound on all of them, we will briefly touch on a select few. Read on...

The Japanese Language

As incomprehensible and strange as it may seem, the Japanese language (spoken and written) is not so bad. Indeed a glimpse at the chicken scratch writing may tell you otherwise but that is only because you’ve never had a formal lesson in the writing system. It is beyond the scope of this article to provide an introduction to Kanji (the Japanese picture-based writing system) However we will introduce you to some concepts and key differences with Japanese and English. Read on ...

Japanese Men

The people of Japan in general suffer from a lack of confidence, women, men and children. This is easily observed in the cultural phenomena of denying a compliment. For example: Read on..

Japanese Women

If women weren’t hard enough to understand, women from Japan make the already incomprehensible even more so. How do they accomplish this? Well before we begin let us with the same admonishment used in our Japanese Men article. Read on...

The Japanese Way

One of the key concepts of Japanese society is showing respect to others and being kind. There are many ways to achieve this, the most popular of which you are already familiar with, that being the bow. Read on...


Although the face of Japanese entertainment transformed significantly after World War II when the country became Americanized, Japan itself has a wealth of traditional entertainment, from sumo wrestling to plays with life sized marionettes. Read on...

Sneak Peak at Future Articles:


The family plays a very large roll in Japanese Society, with family members living together well into their thirties and even after marriage, resembling Europe and contrasting the USA.



An essential aspect of social intercourse in Japan is to be humble and never self-aggrandizing. The idea is to speak highly of not yourself but instead speak highly of others. There is an exact science on giving and receiving compliments.


Self-doubt and self-criticism runs deep in the social mores of Japan. Whether it be on purpose to be humble or an actual mindset the people of Japan typically have a low concept of themselves and indulge in liberal helpings of self-invalidation.


Throughout the world the Japanese people are known for their industry, once employed (save for part time jobs like 7/11) they devote themselves terrifically to the well being of their company.


All though the Samurai are extinct, their core values are still very much present in Japanese society. The concept of honor and responsibility runs deep through the veins social intercourse.


Thanks to having over one thousand years of history it is no surprise that Japan has a deep and rich history, at one time being the most advanced civilization in the world.


Japan has the unique circumstance of seamlessly blending two religions together (Shintoism & Buddhism) with about 83% of the population following. Western religions are also present but are in the minority.


As a maritime country you can expect fish to be very well represented in Japan. Among a cornucopia of seafood you will also find many native vegetables and of course plenty of rice. The dearth of sugar in the Japanese diet is dwindling as more European and American confections begin to fill the void in the wake of the Americanization of the country.


In spite of rapid Americanization of Japan traditions (albeit lessening) are still strong and very much in use, for example: Tea Ceremony.


Major art forms in Japan contrast slightly with those in the west. With focus on Music and water color paintings, and on others such as Flower Arrangement (ikebana), rock gardens etc.



Japan is in fact one of the safest countries in the world. In spite of that there still is crime and much of it organized by the Yakuza (Japanese mafia)


An increasing drug problem is present in Japan, with supplies coming from Korea and China. Although compared to the USA numbers are low, when compared to itself there is a clear upward trend.


Japan enjoys a legal type of gambling called ‘pachinko’, which has become one of the nation’s favorite past times, with some workers going to play every day after work.

Human trafficking

Japan is the hub of human trafficking for Asia. While it is thought to many that slavery does not exist, it is going strong in the East.


Thanks go loop holes in Japan’s Constitution, which was written after WW II, there is a superfluity of legal prostitution in Japan, while activities are limited the industry thrives.


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